Tampa Bodily Injury Lawyers for Serious or Catastrophic Injuries


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Tampa Bodily Injury Lawyers for Serious or Catastrophic Injuries

Image depicting joint pain and inflammed injury x raysIf you have suffered a serious or catastrophic bodily injury, you should contact an experienced Tampa Bodily Injury Lawyer right away.

The city of Tampa is filled with beautiful parks, golf courses, beaches and professional sports teams that make Tampa a great place for tourists to visit and people to live. Although Tampa is full of numerous activities and sunny weather, there are still many different types of accidents that occur regularly that result in serious personal injuries.

Bodily injury claims have become quite common in Tampa due to the negligence of others. The negligent party would have to accept liability and would then be responsible for all of the personal property damage and personal injury or injuries that may have occurred during the accident.

Serious or catastrophic injuries from car crashes, boating, trucking, motorcycle, pedestrian accidents and other tragedies can even lead to wrongful death in some cases. The Tampa personal injury lawyers at Fernandez Law Group have the experience needed to handle all types of personal injury claims. While these types of tragedies can be difficult for those involved, we provide the necessary legal assistance needed to handle any of these situations with proper care and attention to detail. Our law firm has helped many clients get the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering, medical expenses and other losses due to the injuries sustained in various accidents and situations.

Our Tampa personal injury lawyers have successfully handled many types of bodily injury cases over the years. Our clients have come to rely on our solid legal representation for many vehicular accidents, pedestrian injuries, defective products, product liability cases, as well as negligent security or premises liability cases. Getting the proper settlements and results our clients deserve is what makes us successful.

Our case managers work closely with our clients and injured accident victims or their family in order to help them better understand their legal rights and keep them up to date on the entire process. We also work hard to help take care of any special or unique needs our clients may have after any accident, up through the recovery process and any future needs they may have.

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Fernandez Law Group is a law firm representing the Tampa and Miami metro areas of Florida in all matters concerning Personal Injury Law. Consultations are free, and there are no fees unless a case is successfully settled or litigated.

Why is it important to consult a Tampa bodily injury attorney immediately following any accident involving injury?

If you or a loved one were involved in an accident causing any type of serious or catastrophic injury including loss of limb or wrongful death, waiting to call an attorney will never help your case. In fact, it could seriously impair your ability to prevail in a lawsuit. As soon as you contact us, we start our investigation of your case and begin preserving and analyzing critical evidence. As time passes, eye-witness accounts waver and other important evidence might become difficult to obtain.

Our bodily injury attorneys have a combined legal experience of over 40 years in handling all types of personal injury cases. We put not one, but multiple attorneys on your case in order to give it the extra attention it deserves. Not only that, but we're also fewer than 10% of Florida attorneys who are also authorized to practice in federal courts. Let us put our experiences and resources to work for you today, and you can expect to get the results you deserve.

Our attorneys are very experienced and fully prepared to litigate aggressively on your behalf.

There are no costs or fees unless we obtain a settlement for you.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, do not try to handle a claim on your own or risk using an inexperienced lawyer. Not all bodily injury lawyers for serious or catastrophic injuries have our commitment to achieving full justice for their clients, nor do they have our trial experience and proven skills.

Personal injury attorneys are everywhere, but when you come to Fernandez Law Group you can count on our team to work extremely hard to provide you with exceptional representation. We take pride in doing what it takes to earn the proper compensation our clients deserve, no matter how hard the fight.

Walking out of courtOur Bodily Injury Lawyers go the extra mile:

Going the extra mile for our clients is an easy choice as we accept only serious, legitimate cases. Clients can have confidence in our experience and commitment to go far as necessary to make a substantial and meaningful difference in the lives of injured citizens.

Our clients have the right to decide if and when to settle a case or to proceed to trial. We meet with our clients individually to discuss their options and how to proceed in their best interest. Some insurance companies routinely refuse to make a reasonable offer to any lawyer, leaving no other option but to proceed to trial. It is important to have an experienced trial attorney who is able to provide competent representation in court to obtain a favorable verdict. Our firm has more than 40 years of combined legal experience.

Our bodily injury lawyers and dedicated support staff will focus on your needs while providing superior, effective, and vigorous representation of your interests. We are paid for our legal services only if we obtain a recovery on your behalf, and we will come to your home or to the hospital for your convenience.

We look forward to hearing from you and would be honored to assist and serve you.

Call us today at 813-489-3222 or submit your info online for a FREE consultation and case evaluation.

Fernandez Law Group will provide a detailed evaluation of your claim. There is no obligation. And there are absolutely no fees at all until we win your case!


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