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Slip, Trip and Fall Injury Attorneys in Tampa & Miami

If you have suffered an injury as the result of a slip, trip or fall, or if a premisis may be liable for an injury you sustained, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away.

danger warning on steps with no safety railingHere at Fernandez Law Group, our Tampa slip, trip and fall injury attorneys are both aggressive and experienced when dealing with the laws that protect people who have suffered harm or injury do to a slip, trip or fall incident. Our attorneys will provide aggressive legal representation and help determine liability, which is often a difficult task for a Plaintiff to prove on their own. This is due to the fact that liability can often be very complex and unclear. Additionally, insurance companies who represent the Defendants will rarely acknowledge liability to anybody who does not have legal counsel.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), these types of accidents are the leading cause of hospital visits with over 8 million incidents per year. In addition, the NFSI also reports slips, trips and falls to be the leading cause of occupational injury for people between the ages of 15-24. We often find that the majority of these cases or incidents could have been easily cured hazards. Examples of slip, trip and fall factors that we have discovered include uncleaned spills, poor lighting, unsecured utility cords, rugs, carpets and uneven surfaces.

A victim of a slip, trip or fall incident should not hesitate to contact an attorney, especially if the injuries one has suffered are serious. Once our attorneys are retained, our initial focus is to get the direct and full undivided attention of the defendant's insurance company and immediately determine liability. Florida law states that property owners have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition and to warn others of hidden dangers. This would be true for anyone who operates a restaurant, store, commercial or residential complex, and other businesses open to the public.

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Fernandez Law Group is a law firm representing the Tampa and Miami metro areas of Florida in all matters concerning Personal Injury Law. Consultations are free, and there are no fees unless a case is successfully settled or litigated.

How can Fernandez Law Group help a plaintiff prove Liability in a slip, trip or fall injury?

Attorney Francisco Vinas Peer Review 4.8 of 5 PreeminentProving the liability of a defendant requires demonstrating that a defendant was negligent, and that their negligence played a part in causing the injuries sustained during the incident. Any plaintiff looking to settle or go to trial will need a strong personal injury attorney in order to prove these types of claims as these cases are very complex and the evidence isn't always easy to obtain.

Fernandez Law Group has a successful track record of protecting clients who have become injured due to a slip, trip and fall and we have a history of recovering compensation for our clients. We will immediately confirm how your injury occurred. As falls happen very quickly, many people will often have a difficult time recounting how they went from freely moving up or down stairs or across a premisis only to find themselves down and injured.

While many people may think a simple slip and fall will get them an easy settlement, that statement simply isn't accurate. We only handle serious, legitimate cases so we can focus our skills and expertise helping those who have truly suffered due to the negligence of another. Insurance companies representing the defendant will be working tirelessly to try and avoid accepting liability, denying claims and fighting to prevent compensation for damages.

Standard Outdoor StaircaseFor example, if somebody fell down a set of stairs, that statement alone does not even begin to dig into all of the particulars of the case. And those particulars are what the defense and their insurer's attorneys are going to try and pick apart, piece by piece. Questions will come up regarding how the fall occurred, such as which foot missed the step, which step was missed, and what type of footwear were involved. But it won't end there. Was the plaintiff using the handrail? Were they carrying anything in their hands, or texting or talking on the phone? Did the plaintiff trip over something, or slip on a substance? As the victim was falling, what do they remember seeing or what direction were they looking in?

And that's still only just a small part of the case, which specifically deals only with the physics of how the person fell. The next step is for the attorney to figure out how to hold a defendant legally responsible for the fall. And with several possibilities for how a fall can occur, this also can be quite difficult to prove.

Was a step missed? Did something on the stairs cause the slip or trip? Or did the victim's coat, dress, belt or something else cause the trip? Or perhaps they were reaching for something and lost their balance. Or was it due to the height of each step (the riser) being varied, which would cause someone to become destabilized? Did a handrail fail due to a design flaw or maintenance oversight? Was lighting inadequate?

Some of those possibilities could be used to prove liability of the defendant, and some of them would not be grounds to hold a defendant liable. The owner of a premisis should not be held liable in situations where a victim tripped over their own clothing. But we would certainly make sure they were held accountable and liable in situations where a poorly constructed or maintained staircase was a direct factor in the injury occurring.

The defense attorney, the insurer, and the jury are all going to want to know the facts before any consideration is given to award any type of settlement. That reason alone should motivate any plaintiff in these types of cases to hire an experienced injury attorney. We take our role extremely seriously and work hard to help our clients benefit greatly from our representation. We will examine the scene, discuss all of the possibilities and more with anyone we agree to represent, and help our clients figure out exactly what their options are and what they may be entitled to. All applicable state, federal and local laws will be reviewed to determine what laws, if any, the premisis violated based on the conditions and we also retain expert witnesses whenever necessary to further demonstrate the negligence of a defendant.

Proving Damages:

grocery product on floor in aisleWhen it comes to proving damages, it requires a bit more than just stating that a leg was broken which resulted in a plaintiff being out of work for three months. Our attorneys work with our clients to properly document lost income, based on employer's pay records, tax forms, and their own personal tax return information. In addition, our team of attorneys and associates will obtain and organize all pertinent medical records and billing related to the incident and injury.

Having an attorney handle the records collection process helps ensure they are obtained in a more timely manner and that every possible source of information that may benefit the outcome of the case is collected and considered.

Even when all the records are collected, at times it may still be necessary for us to have the doctors or practitioners involved in the recovery and care of the plaintiff to write a medical report or letter which can specifically address whether or not the accident directly caused the conditions being suffered, as well as the necessary treatments needed for recovery and additional documentation supporting any need for periods of time off of work.

Why Fernandez Law Group is the right choice for slip, trip and fall injuries, or any other matters of personal injury claims:

We put not one, but multiple attorneys on your case in order to give it the extra attention it deserves. Not only that, but we're also fewer than 10% of Florida attorneys who are also authorized to practice in federal courts. Let us put our experiences and resources to work for you today, and you can expect to get the results you deserve.

Our attorneys are very experienced and fully prepared to litigate aggressively on your behalf. At Fernandez Law Group, you are choosing a Tampa personal injury lawyer with an in-depth understanding of exactly how to get you the compensation you deserve. If you have experienced loss due to a serious Florida injury, contact Fernandez Law Group to speak with a knowledgeable Tampa personal injury attorney today.

There are no costs or fees unless we obtain a settlement for you.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, do not try to handle a claim on your own or risk using an inexperienced lawyer. Not all personal injury attorneys have our commitment to achieving full justice for their clients, nor do they have our trial experience and proven skills. Product liability actions are extremely complex. Attorneys handling these claims must have a comprehensive knowledge of the numerous Florida Statutes governing product liability and an understanding of the various issues involved in each claim. Our law firm often hires additional paralegals and investigators to thoroughly review records in product liability cases to ensure our lawyers have the necessary appreciations for the applicable issues of each case.

Slip, trip and fall injury attorneys are everywhere, but when you come to Fernandez Law Group you can count on our team to work extremely hard to provide you with exceptional representation. We take pride in doing what it takes to earn the proper compensation our clients deserve, no matter how hard the fight.

Our slip, trip and fall injury attorneys go the extra mile:

Walking out of courtGoing the extra mile for our clients is an easy choice as we accept only serious, legitimate cases. Clients can have confidence in our experience and commitment to go far as necessary to make a substantial and meaningful difference in the lives of injured citizens.

Our clients have the right to decide if and when to settle a case or to proceed to trial. We meet with our clients individually to discuss their options and how to proceed in their best interest. Some insurance companies routinely refuse to make a reasonable offer to any lawyer, leaving no other option but to proceed to trial. It is important to have an experienced trial attorney who is able to provide competent representation in court to obtain a favorable verdict. Our firm has more than 40 years of combined legal experience.

Our slip, trip and fall injury attorneys and dedicated support staff will focus on your needs while providing superior, effective, and vigorous representation of your interests. We are paid for our legal services only if we obtain a recovery on your behalf, and we will come to your home or to the hospital for your convenience.

We look forward to hearing from you and would be honored to assist and serve you.

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Fernandez Law Group will provide a detailed evaluation of your claim. There is no obligation. And there are absolutely no fees at all until we win your case!


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